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Wrongful termination at grocery store


my employer terminated my employment recently. I left a note after i was hurt on the job telling them i would not be into work the next day so that i could test the injury and see if i needed a doctor. I did not need a doctor and was planning on returning to work the following shift and even though he had the note in his hand that informed him that i would not be into work, he fired me. I asked for hazard pay in the note as well due to the fact that i was being forced to work in unsafe conditions which lead to the injury. I had warned multiple managers multiple times about the hazards i faced working in a freezer that went as low as -15 degrees F and they refused to do anything about it. I believe he understood he really did not have any way of telling me no to the hazard pay with out actually having to do something about the mess i was thrown into with no training on how to do the job safely/at all. I believe he fired me in hopes that he could replace me with someone who wouldn't be as noisey about the situation as i talk to former employees who tell me the employer who fired me will not let them talk to each other or anyone about what happened to me. I also have a personal friend that was working in the position I was in, who would possibly testify. He quit due to the same conditions, which freed up the spot for me to be thrown into. please respond soon, and thank you very much.

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