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Workplace Refusing to Pay Raise after Resignation

I received my annual salary increase effective June 1. I have a letter stating what my new salary is and that the new salary is effective June 1. I handed in a letter of resignation on June 10. My last day of work is June 25.

My work is refusing to adjust my salary for time worked since June 1. They are still paying me the old rate, and I have been told they do not adjust the pay rate for people who are leaving. However, it seems to me since the new rate went into effect on June 1 and I did not hand in a letter of resignation until 10 days later, that I should still be paid my new salary for the time I am working in June.

I also have about 5 weeks of vacation that will be cashed out on my last day, and am afraid this will also be paid according to my pre-June 1 salary.

Does my workplace have to pay me the salary they stated was effect as of June 1, 2009? I did not receive any notice of a change or revocation of the raise given 10 days before my notice. I only found out by looking at my last paystub, and I was quite surprised to see my pay was not adjusted.

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