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Workman's Comp Claim Never Paid

I suffered a herniated disc (in my back) as a result of an incident while working back in 1993. The company owner lied to me and said he had no workman's comp. I found a chiropractor to try and help me. Somehow, the chiropractor got the company owner's insurance information, submitted a claim, and got paid on that claim. The owner told me that the claim doubled his premium. I went on to have surgery, but the insurance company never paid a dime beyond what they paid the chiropractor because I could not ask them to for fear of losing my job. But doesn't that mean a claim was opened and honored? And so the statute of limitations would not apply if I now went after the insurance company for that unpaid claim? I am now totally disabled as a result of the herniated disc, which has ruptured again (the same disc), and degenerative disc disease. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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