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Workmans comp changing my treatment/medication orders

Im unbelievably frustrated.i won my disability claim against workmans cinp in 95,got a small lunp sum (if i had any idea how bad condition would get woykd have gone for MUCH more) plus they were ordered to continue to pay for my medical treatments.this is a multi question if thats ok ?
1. My condition is one that knowingly spreads,mirrors other side of body,etc but they refuse to acknowledge condition has spread and has refused to pay for anything except original injury area, making injury,life,worse,can they do this ?

2. Each section of my treatment plan is layered, treatments,medical implant,external med devices,meds,each not great on own,but together very helpful.take one away and treatment plan crumbles.Been getting treatments of botox injections for three years.they arbitrarily decided to reject shots (without even the so called ind exam )to refuse them now,the ONLY thing i get for other body parts past original injury site,completely against multiple Dr's diagnoses &advice,saying not medically necessary,can they do this ? pain clinic prescribes my pain meds as a favor to me (seeing them long term )since Reg Dr wont prescibe pain meds to any patients.but they wont up meds,even if needed,plus,ive tried to keep low enough just enough to keep me from crying in pain all day& not be overmedicated not a drug seeker just looking for more and more meds,even though after many years they do need to be upped as body has not only acclimated too much to meds,but condition has spread far past original injury.WC now said all my meds must be cut in hf (once again against Dr's orders) ,can they also do this ??

4.If i need to,to get treatments/meds back,plus extend treatment to cover full body thats now affected,even though thy were told in original suit theyd have to pay for my med bills for length of injury,do i have to go back to court? this is for service,not cash,who pays lawyers fees ?(beyond broke )

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