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Wisdom Needed...

Hello All,

Wisdom Needed.... I'll try to make this as short as possible and hope someone can provide me wisdom. I work for a national company I'm paid hourly wage and a monthly bonus based on qouta dollars basically half of gross profit dollars. There are four levels and if you reach the set amount per lever you earn your bonus. There are many things that can effect the qouta dollars such as not charging a customer for delivery, to low of a margin, etc.

Here is my question I was given a sale from another associate for an item needless to say this order went bad and the customer was unhappy, he was qouted a price from that associate however it didn't include sales tax and wasn't delivered on time, He called the Store Manager who then issued him a large credit ( rightfully so ) the customer was correct.

Today I printed my sales report and noticed they took from my qouta sales the full amount of the credit this is a very large number is this legal? If I'm paid on quota dollars should it be only the quota dollar amount of the credit not the actual credit?

Basically I lost the total credit amount, wasn't informed of any problem or credit for this customer that my company agreed to yet I'm financial responsible for what my company agreed upon.



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