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Will my tenant be evicted faster because I (the landlord) would like to occupy.

I have lived in my home for almost 60 years. I have always resided in 1 or 3 apartments. Now that my children are grown, I wanted to move into the smallest of the 3 apartments. I had a roommate who chose to take over the apartment we shared together & move some family in. I served my tenant a 30 day notice to quit. He was supposed to be out by June 30th. 5pm, June 30th rolls around & he informs me he is not moving. NOW I HAVE NO PLACE TO LIVE! Are there any laws on my side to help me to owner occupy. I am worried because the tenant of the apartment recently went on disability for his back. What is the likelihood of them ruling in his favor & not taking into consideration that I now have no place to legally call my own.

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