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Will my Social Security Claim move faster with a lawyer?

My wife and I are arguing about whether I should get a disability lawyer before filing my ssdi claim or do it myself. I feel like a lawyer will know how to get my case heard faster and let me get my money faster. My wife says I'll just wait in line and I shouldn't waste my money on an attorney and just do it myself. What do you think? Will my case be heard faster if I us a lawyer? Thanks

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Well, your wife is correct when she says you will wait your turn with all the other claimants, regardless of whether you hire an SSDI attorney for your claim or not.  However, I disagree with the argument that a disability lawyer  is a waste of money.  The fees charged by a disability attorney are reasonable, contingent on your success, and limited by law. 

Also, having a disability attorney who is familiar with the Social Security application process can reduce your stress levels.  She will know how the process works and will do the heavy lifting for you.  Statistics show that claimants who are represented by attorneys are more likely to be awarded benefits then those who represent themselves.  Because of that, I suppose it is possible for an attorney to help you collect benefits faster if, for example, through superior preparation of your initial claim, she helps you avoid the need to appeal a denial of benefits.  Good luck.


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