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Will I lose My home in MA divorce

I have recently filed for divorce, we have been married 2.5 years. My soon to be ex husband owned his own home when we were married and I myself owned land. I used this land to purchase a home 5 months ago, that is deeded and mortgaged only to me. My husband moved out of this home a month ago and I have paid the mortgage on this home on my own from day 1 and he continued to pay the mortgage on his home (though he has tenants who cover the cost) We have no joint credit cards or bank accounts. He does own his own business and I also work. He has threatened to "take me for all I am worth" I am worried to lose my home that my father and i rehabbed. I am under the impression that we really have no assets to divide but I am not sure? I have maintained the financial status of the new home while he has maintained his own. He put the appliances that are in my home onto his credit card and I have paid 3/4 of this back to him. We have had serious issues in our marriage involving rape and emotional abuse and I can not stand to lose my home on top of everything else that is happening.

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Submitted Thu, 07/14/2011 - 17:20

Based on the information you provided you should not lose your home. It is important to remember that this is a short term marriage and the division of assets in a short term marriage is generally not 50/50. The court will take into account both parties assets and determine what is marital property. The marital property will be divided equitable. You may want to seek an attorney to help you navigate the legal process.
Wyckoff Nissenbaum

I agree with Attorney Nissenbaum.  Even if a court finds that your home should be part of the marital estate, that does not necessarily mean you will lose the property or have to sell it as a result of the divorce.  However, given the violence that you mention in your question, I would also like to encourage you to find and retain a divorce attorney ASAP.  Good luck.

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