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At will employee fired during probation period

I recently started a new job as a nurses aid in a long term care facility. They claim they told me when they hired me that I was on a probationary period but I don't remember that. Anyway, after one month on the job, my supervisor told me she did not think it would work out and that they were letting me go. Is that legal in Massachusetts? I did not have a contract of any kind, but don't they need to give some kind of reason?

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It sounds like you are an at-will employee.  Under MA law, an at-will employee can be fired for any non-discriminatory and legal reason.  Apparently, your employer simply decided that the relationship was not going to work (at least you do not provide any evidence that the employer had some other, improper motive).  If that is the case, then the employer is within its rights to terminate you (either during the probationary period or after).  Sorry about that.  Frequently, employers believe it is easier to give no reason for the termination, especially during a probationary period.

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