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will credit card companies agree to lower minimum monthly payment required

hi, I'm in a bad financial situation which I expect to be temporary.
Do you know if I can call credit card companies directly and ask them to temporarily reduce the minimum I must pay monthly to remain in good standing and not affect my credit report?
I am worried that they will close my accounts or will demand to know my income or reduce my credit limit (I'm almost at the credit limit on many of my credit card accounts).
Do you know if any credit card companies have a good reputation for allowing a reduced minimum payment for a short period of time?
I have paid all my bills so far and I want to continue to do so.
My credit rating is Good -- 670 -- I got an Experian report about a month ago, and except for February and July when the rating was 668, the year showed a Good rating.
I don't want to contact a bill-consolidation company who would reduce the amount I owe.
I wonder if I should contact a company which will give me a personal loan at a lower rate of interest than the credit card companies charge -- so that I could pay off the credit card companies and have a lower interest rate on what I owe. But I am not sure yet if there is a reputable Loan company I could use.
Meanwhile, I am really worried that I won't be able to pay my bills next month.
I am expecting a job offer this week but expect that my new job won't give me a paycheck until the end of November.
Thanks for any advice.
(I'm not a landlord but I sometimes write to the Forum with a question for my friend who is a landlord.)

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