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Will "Allowing a unregistered vehicle on a public way" count as points on my license?

I bought a new car and moved the plates over by transferring the registration at the RMV on 3/21/2016(plates came off that day and moved to new vehicle). The car was at this point right in front of my house parked in a proper parking spot, it was our "curb space" where we put our trash bins but is technically a public way. I called the tow company to come scrap the car that day and they said they would be there within next 48 hours to grab it and not to worry. 3 days later they had not shown up so i called again and same story. On 4/01/2016(April fools!) I see a cop outside my house next to car, go outside, he asks are you "blah blah" I say yes, He says here is your citation and hands me a violation for "allowing a unregistered vehicle on a public way" and "Allowing a uninsured vehicle on a public way"(insurance had been transferred as well) and notifies me a tow truck is on the way to "destroy" the vehicle. I was ofc like WTF but tow pulls up right as he says this and I ask if tow will take the car to junk instead if i sign over title which tow guy agrees if i sign over car for free. IT WAS THE SAME COMPANY THAT TOLD ME 48 HOURS!!! The tow reciept on 4/1/2016 is noted as "for junk" and he wrote on the reciept "called on 3/21/2016 to hopefully help me out in court. No 48 hour orange removal notice was ever given which i thought was procedure and just figured id rent a car trailer and tow it myself if that happened, however I understand ignorance is not an excuse.

I have a magistrate hearing(ofc put in for this hearing first) coming up for these offenses, but i have a bad driving record and even 1 more violation could result in my insurance being cancelled. Are these offenses able to count on my driving record since i was not driving the vehicle? Can my insurance cancel me if they go through with this?

This is ridiculous imo I pay $12,000 taxes a year for this crap I hate this state, was only out there 10 days in front of my own house. I am going to try to get it dropped but not sure if it will be. Anyone know anything about this?

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