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Why not take settlement offer from insurance company?

I have another question. I'm not injured but I always wondered why people would hire a personal injury attorney if they had a good claim. Maybe I'm naive, but I think you would do better negotiating with the insurance company of the guy that injured you and then take the settlement offer. So what if my injury is "worth" $100k but I only get $80k from the insurance company? I would have to pay a contingency fee to the attorney anyway. So I would come out ahead doing it on my own because I wouldn't have to pay 30% to the lawyer, and I might do even better than $70k. I know the editor will disagree because he's a lawyer.

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LOL.  Yes, I am a lawyer, but I never did personal injury work.  If I were seriously injured and believed some other person's negligence caused my injury, I would hire an attorney to seek a settlement.  The fact is, an experienced personal injury attorney has negotiated hundreds of these cases, knows what they are worth, and knows how to negotiate effectively with insurance companies.
Tell me this:  If you were injured by another, how would you have any idea what your case is worth?  You could add up your medical bills, but what about all the other types of damages allowed by Massachusetts law?  Do you even know what those other types of damages are?  Insurance companies might know, but they wont tell you, and their negotiators will try to get you down to the lowest possible number.  You might end up settling for some tiny percentage of what an experienced negotiator would settle for.
Also, but no less importantly, negotiations of this type are stressful, especially if you are negotiating about your own health and your damages.  After a serious injury, I think I would prefer to let the professionals do the work.  Just my opinion.

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