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Who Pays for Other Expenses Related to My Claim?

I've seen all kinds of ads for personal injury lawyers in Massachusetts, and they say "you pay no fees unless you win." But what about other expenses? If I loose my case, do I have to pay for anything else, like filing fees or medical exams?  Posted by Jimbo on The Forum.


Editor's Response:


That depends on the agreement you sign with your attorney.  In the classic contingency agreement, as you have noted, the client does not pay attorney fees unless he wins.  Many, BUT NOT ALL, Massachusetts attorneys will agree to also pay for other expenses that arise in the course of negotiations and at trial, such as filing fees, court reporter fees, etc. An attorney might also agree to pay for these other expenses, but require the client to reimburse the attorney in the event of a successful settlement or outcome at trial.  So, before you sign a representation agreement, make sure you iron this little detail out.


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