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Who gets check for personal injury settlement?

After several months of talk my lawyer who I no longer like says we're finally going to settle my car injury case and that we should get a check soon from the insurance company. I don't trust the lawyer anymore and was wondering if I can call the insurance company myself and get them to send the check to me so I can then pay the attorney. Is that legal in MA?

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That's not going to happen.  The fee agreement you signed with your attorney when you agreed to his representation will spell out the logistics of who gets the check and what will happen to it.  You should take a look at that agreement. In all likelihood, that agreement explains that the check goes to your attorney.  In many cases, clients may also be responsible for other expenses, above and beyond attorney's fees, expenses that the attorney may have paid out of pocket, such court reporter fees.  Congratulations on settling your case.

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