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When you work with an impossible co-worker

my group works with a person who constantly looks for things to offend. This person will listen in to conversations from a distance and chime in when offended. Has made veiled threats (typically under their breath and mumbling). When this person comes in to work the whole room groans. Several people have been brought to HR over this person after what they through was a private conversation. We've been to HR as a group and we were told this person was being "dealt" with. that was a couple months ago. I feel very uncomfortable at work because of this person. I've actually taken time off cause I got tired of this person.

a lot of time an energy is spent avoiding this person. It affects all of our group yet the company seems OK to just pay us lip service. What can be done when a person is so repulsive to work with on all levels, physically, emotional and mentally. What recourse is there?


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