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When should I get last paycheck if fired in MA?

I worked as an hourly employee for a landscaping company up until this week when I got fired on Tuesday for coming in late. The manager and owner told me they would mail my last check to me when they did all the other checks next Friday. But I want the money now for some bills I have to pay. Can the employer do that under Massachusetts law. If not when should my boss give me my last check? Can I get it now? Thanks.

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Employees who are fired should get their last check on the day of the termination. Employees who quit should get their check on the day the checks are typically issued.  In other words, if the paychecks are issued every other Friday and the employee quits on a Saturday after payday, she will have to wait two weeks for the next check.

For more information about your situation, see Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 149, Section 148.  Perhaps if you talk to your boss and show him a copy of Section 148, he will cut you a check.  If not, you might let your boss know that you will be calling the Massachusetts Attorney General's Fair Labor Hotline.  (617-727-3465)   Perhaps that will motivate him to comply with the law.  Good luck.


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