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When is divorce final and how do i get a copy of my divorce decree?

I went to court for my divorce in january and have never received anything in the mail. was i supposed to get a copy of my divorce decree by mail after the court hearing? we did not have separate lawyers and everything was agreed upon. I need to get my ex husband's name off of the house and was told by the bank that i need a copy of the divorce decree. Also, do you think that a copy of the divorce agreement would be sufficient for refinancing? thanks

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With various waiting periods built into the process, generally speaking, in an uncontested divorce your divorce will become final about 120 days after you appear before the judge.  At that point, something called a Decree Absolute is available to be purchased from the family court.  Talk to the clerks at the court where you had your hearing. The fee is $20.00 for a certified copy plus one dollar per page for every page except the first.  For more general information, visit our Massachusetts Divorce Law Discussion Forum.  Good luck.

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