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What laws protect the disabled (on SSDI) from debt collectors?

I am on SSDI and had accumulated a lot of debt that I was left with due to a divorce settelement. Are there state laws and/or Fed Laws that prohibit these creditors from trying to collect? I don't even have enough income to pay basic expenses, I have a mortgage that is 60% of my SSDI, and am working on an appeal to my recent private insurance denial of benefits. Even with added private benefits there is no room to pay old debts! Any help identifying laws that protect me is appreciated.

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Federal law (Section 207 of the Social Security Act--42 U.S.C. 407) protects Social Security benefits from garnishment, levy or attachment.  However, there are several exceptions to the general rule.  Disability benefits can be garnished to enforce child support and or alimony payments, federal tax obligations, and certain payments owed to government agencies, such as the Social Security Administration for fees or costs.  In order to fully protect your benefits from collection agencies and creditors, many experts suggest keeping your Social Security benefits in a separate account.  

Dear Sirs, I am mentally disabled. I had Bipolar, Chemical Imbalance, and Thought Disorder. See I am on social security with my dad and these credit collectors are hounding me everyday. See I have bad credit and these idiotic credit cards and ect took advantage of me since I was 17 years old. They never took the time to see if I had a job and I did not. And to see if I was mentally ill. And every credit people took that advantage of me and now I cannot pay nothing. I have over 30,000.00 in bad credit due to that and I am drawing Social Security and cannot pay it. I wrote to Obama and did nothing. What can I do to fix my bad credit due to me on low income? I am on my witts end. Please advise me. I cannot pay none of it and I still have no job. I seriously need your help and advise. Thank You for reading.

Read all the posts on this Forum regarding debt collection and Social Security benefits, and then contact a bankruptcy attorney for help with getting the credit card debts discharged.  Good luck.

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