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What is income for purposes of calculating child support payments in MA?

I take care of a man that lives in my home. Money I make for hosting him is federal/state tax free money were i do not use w2 form for it with taxes.  I am wondering if the amount I am paying child for this money follows the same kind of formula and if not what is it and were to get.  I live in ma and pay child support i this state

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Submitted Tue, 06/18/2013 - 15:00

...promulgated by the "Administrative Office of the Trial Court," the definition of "Income" for purposes of the Child Support Guidelines is: ". . . gross income from whatever source regardless of whether that income is recognized by the Internal Revenue Code or reported to the Internal Revenue Service or state Department of Revenue or other taxing authority." Child Support Guidelines, Section I.A.

Dear Mr. Mustafa: In very plain non-legal English, any money you receive is considered income for the purposes of calculating child support payments. But, if you are already paying child support in an amount determined by the court, unless there is a court order obligating you to notify the other party or the court of any changes in your income, you do not have a duty to change the amount of support you are paying. The child's mother can seek an increase in child support by bringing a Complaint for Modification, but the standard for a modification is that there has been a substantial change of circumstances warranting an increase in child support. However, if the court proceeding you are involved in is still in litigation, the next time you go to court and have to fill out an updated financial statement, you must list the additional income you receive for hosting this gentleman in your home. Hope this claifies thing for you.

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