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What counts as income for MA child support?

My wife and I are getting a divorce and we have a son. When it comes time for filling out the financial statement for child support do I have to include income that I earn under the table without any taxes paid on it. I work as a plow driver and get paid in case depending on how much I drive on any week. My wife knows about this but has no idea how much I make. So I was wondering I can leave it off of the financial statement. Thanks

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That would be a very bad idea.  You can read this post about calculating income for use with child suppoert guidelines.  In a nutshell, when you are calculating income you must include all of it, regardless of the source, and regardless of whether you pay taxes on in.  It is never a good idea to lie when filling out court documents prior to a divorce.  It is a very bad idea indeed when your wife knows about the source of income and can use the information to beat you like a rented mule.  Do yourself and your son a favor and approach this process with good intentions and with the goal of doing what is in the best interest of your son.

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