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What are my rights to sue my landlord for not giving my security deposit on time and without interest


I am having/had big problems getting my security deposit back from my landlord. It was a $500 deposit I was suppose to get back with interest. This is one of those "managed apartment communities" by some large company. It is in Massachusetts.

My lease end date was 5/31 and I moved out on time, cleaned it and returned my keys.

1 month later I receive a letter stating I owed about $350 for a Month-to-Month premium charge and then another $70 for late move out charge and then a $90 final water bill!

Therefore they said I owed them $10 because they subtracted $500 from the $510 they said I owe. They said if I didn't send them a check for the money they'd notify a collection agency blah blah blah.

So I called their 1-800 number and after some pushing the issue, the lady on the phone admits the $350 was a mistake and says she will refund the check. But she said she would not refund the $70 because she claims I didn't move out in time. I told her that I did move out on time and she said I would have to take that up with the actual apartment complex.

So I drove to the apartment complex I use to live and explained the situation. The lady there says she will submit a case to the corporate office. 1 week later I call back the lady at the apartment complex and find out that her case was denied by corporate. She says she will call corporate and call me back. When she calls back she tells me there was some mistake on their end and that I should have the $70 back by August 7. I finally received the check for $350 on July 24, almost 2 months after I moved out...with no interest!

I received the $350 1 month past what the law mandates and I am still without the $70 (I have a feeling I will be calling back). This is not fair and I feel my rights have been violated. Do I have a case to sue for my time, anxiety, interest, etc.?

How and where do I find a lawyer to help me? How much should one cost me?

Also, my water bill has never been anywhere near $90? How can I challenge that? It is impossible. Side note: I read the law and found that the landlord must specify the cost per unit of water on the water bill. I looked at my bill(s) and found this detail was never on there?? Is this anything I can challenge?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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You should read the other articles and posts on this site regarding these issues.  Because of the small amount of money involved, you may find it difficult to find an attorney to take the case.  However, the MA housing courts are very friendly to those representing themselves. 

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