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Voluntary Administration - Life Insurance/Change of Ownership

My father passed away 2 years ago. No estate or significant assets, however he did own a whole life insurance policy on my brother (bought when my brother was a child). I would like to take over the policy and keep up with payments--the insurance company says I need a "small estate affidavit," permitting me to take ownership, so I plan to submit an attested form of voluntary administration, listing me as PR and the policy as an asset.

3 quick questions:

1. On the Voluntary Administration statement, do I need to list any other assets? Anything else (mostly small personal items ) fell to my mother as joint property, and I'm not looking to distribute anything but the policy.

2. Can the policy pass directly to me as PR/heir? My father was the only owner listed, and my mother doesn't want the policy/cant make the payments.

3. There was a will but we never filed it, as again there was nothing to distribute. DO I need to submit the will with the VA statement?

Thanks for any and all help

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