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violation ticket

Please help me!

It was a nice Sunday morning, I went to get my morning coffee at Starbucks on commonwealth street in Wayland, at 9:45am, actually quite a few cars in front of me. I parked my car and got off, did not realize there was a police car with flash light after me. The police came to me ask for driver's license and registration, I was shocked and asked what was my violation? He did not bother to reply and insist on the two things. I got back to my van and give him what he wanted and was wondering what did I do wrong. After few minutes, police opened my passenger seat door and put the ticket on the seat and immediately took off.

First was a no seat belt violation, I wonder why? I was out the van already, My van has auto-detecting system that if I do not wear my seat belt while driving, it will alarm really loud.

Then speeding: 59 mph in a 40 mph zone, radar and estimated checked. The police was driving, how can he get a radar reading? I was on a busy street, how can I drive 59 mph?

I came from China, and I have the habit of obey everything, especially the government.

But I was wearing seat belt all the time, and I was not speeding. I bet even a police car with their flash light on, they can not drive that fast on a one line road. If they have radar and estimated checked, can I find my speed somewhere?

I want to appeal, so please help me on how to go to the court and what should I say. I am very scared about the whole thing!

Thank you and please help me!

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