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Violation for Defective Equipment tail light (90-7) violation &Exhaust "Modified" (90-16) while car parked on private property

My son received a citation from a small town in the Worcester area. He was parked, standing outside the vehicle and was asked when the Police Officer arrived to turn the car on and proceeded to go through a safety inspection. One taillight was working intermittently by either failing to stay lit, or out when brake depressed. (Just got car back from being repaired (hours earlier)... Cited for Civil 90-7 tail light violation $40.00. Also cited for Exhaust "Modified" (90-16) $55.00 - All of this while parked on private property. Can he be cited while not on a public roadway, not in vehicle, and car off? Can he be forced to turn car on? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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