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Video Recording someone in my residence without consent.

Hello everyone, I've searched for hours for some answers to my situation but find nothing to be clearly specific to what im dealing with, firstly I'd like to explain a bit of what has lead to this problem.

I live with my girlfriend at a family members home (my grandmother). We rent a room for our use, alone. Due to tensions between family, my relatives have been harassing my girlfriend since we've moved in. There have been attempts to help and be nice and get along on both sides from time to time (mostly between my grandma and girlfriend), but things have escalated to where the police were called by my girlfriend, about my uncle assaulting her the week before, and harassing her again three days ago. After being harassed for the entire time we have stayed here by the uncle, whom, may I add does not live here, but visits his mother, my grandmother, and since we have arrived (not before we were staying here), shes asked him to do work on her bathroom, hence his frequent visits and opportunity to harass my girlfriend, we informed him we would take legal action if necessary, after much negotiations have been attempted with us and my grandmother, and the uncle. To prevent my uncle from harassing my girlfriend further, after much discussion and warning, we involved the police. The family members all back up the uncle, because they do not like my girlfriend either, because of misinformation the uncle has spread and solidified in the other relatives. So, now that's out of the way, the legal question.

Yesterday, after a suggestion by my uncle to invite an Ex of mine to rent the room directly next to ours, in attempt to further harass the both of us, they paraded her around in a loud gesture of emotional harassment, they taunted us from the doorway of our room and crowded around to mock and intimidate us. Just after they began to taunt us, they looked in the room next to ours, speaking loudly still to rouse us, my girlfriend decided to video record this altercation before it got any worse, and to put their methods of harassment on full display, for our own safety and legal purposes. She was not hiding the fact that we were recording them. I then got up to close the door and ask them to exit our residence (being our room, they were trespassing through our doorway, entering our room, which was closed before they came up to harass us.) I exited the room to discuss with my cousin (who is friend of my Ex) how her attempt to intimidate will not go undocumented. As we were talking my girlfriend came just outside of our room to continue to record a second video. As my cousin and I spoke on the stairs, the Ex barged between us, and without warning hit my girlfriend in the face, and knocked her phone to the 1st floor, breaking it. I ran up and separated them to protect my girlfriend, she was holding the Ex by the hair, at arms length to prevent her from continuing her assault. As I get between them my cousin come in and attempts to attack my girlfriend, but I hold her back, then as I'm holding the Ex and my cousin away from my girlfriend, they both kick her, the Ex kicked her twice, my cousin kicked her once, and failed an attempt to punch my girlfriends face. We called the police, and the Ex got in her car and speeded off. Once the police arrived, my grandmother attempted to make my girlfriend look like the antagonist, she was not present for the altercation, but as stated above, is bias against my girlfriend. The officer could not ascertain the Ex's last name, as I do not know it (she has a fake last name on social media, and we didn't date for long, 2 dates.), and the rest of my family withheld the information to delay any action against the Ex. My grandmother attempted to contact my cousin, who then informed us that the Ex was driving to a police station to report my girlfriend for pulling her hair. The officer stated without her full name there may be no course of action.

How can we proceed? They're claiming our video is illegal, but it was within our residence only, within our room, only. No video outside of our room. I'm really not sure what to do here. My family is teaming up against us, making up lies to corroborate another, and claiming they will have my other uncle, who works at the courthouse as a janitor for decades now, who has become friendly with everyone in the court house, and I personally have seen him effect outcomes of court cases, even though he is just the janitor.

I'm afraid for my girlfriend, they're not threatening me in any way, but they're attempting to sabotage and defame my girlfriend, they're trying to get her either in jail or evicted, made homeless, any and all of the above, from what they have told me, personally.

I'm not sure what I can do, what kind of legal recourse do we have when it seems the odds are stacked against us so heavily? (And that doesn't even touch on the corruption that may not be able to stop within the courthouse.....we're 2 civilians, i work a steel yard, shes a vetrinary seems rather hopeless, we aren't lawyers, and we're barely saving money as it is, we can't afford a good lawyer, we believe well have to get a court appointed lawyer.)

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