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Verbal contract

I made a verbal agreement in April 2010 with a co worker to fix my Jeep and replace the engine and axels with a pick up I bought from him. He agreed this would be done in a timely fashion. He assured me the parts vehicle was worthy and I would be able to use the parts for my Jeep. It is now Sept. 2010 and the truck I bought for parts from him is NOT usable. The engine is a mess and had 1/4 sludge build up and a bolt floating in it and I can not use the axels either! He has taken the parts out of my Jeep and that is it. The Jeep is now a shell sitting at the garage outside of the gated fence collecting dust. I've been forced to pay for insurance this whole time and all I get from him is excuse after excuse as to why he hasn't gotten me another truck for parts and done the work he agreed to do. I am thinking I can sue him and his father in law under Ma law 93A since he has a business card and billed himself to me as a mechanic using his father in laws garage. I am also thinking unfair and deceptive practices?

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