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Vendor Billing Charge Practices

We signed up for home security services on 9/11/17, and paid the quarter fee of $83.85. Shouldn't the cover us to 12/11/17 and the new/current term be from 12/11/17 to 3/11/18? If not, then shouldn't the first payment have been prorated?

This was the vendor's response:

Unfortunately we can not bill the 11th of the month, the rule of thumb anything billed between the 1st of the month to the 15th of the month is billed for a full month, after that point (16th – end of month) is billed the following month. The reason for this is we have to pay the full month to the company that does our monitoring, and unfortunately that is passed on to our clients. We don’t prorate either, for the same reason.

Is this legal or ethical in Massachusetts?

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