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Unused Time

I work somewhere I wish I did not and am hoping to make a change soon. My employer provides 2 weeks vacation, 2 personal days, and 2 floating holidays (as he calls them) each year. We do not have a company handbook. We dont have an HR dept. He acts as both the business owner and HR person although his efforts into HR related matters is pitiful. In the time I have been there, i have not used my 14 days of time off each year and have accrued several days. My boss also does not keep track of anyone's time off. SO my question is whereas he does not track any days off and there is not a company handbook or policy, when I do decide to leave I will be expecting to be paid for the roughly 20 days I did not use. I am certain he take the opposite stand and tell me time does not roll over year to year or he is not required to pay for unused time that he did not keep track (although I did). WHo would win in this situation? I expect my unused time. He does not feel he does not have to pay it. Nothing in writing either way as to what the policy is. PLease assist.

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