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Unsupervised informal probate in MA


I am selling a home which has stayed in our mothers name and she passed away more than three years ago. We have to sell the home because neither me or my brother or daughter have the credit to get a loan and the mortgage in her name was sold to another mortgage company. I have been paying the mortgage under her name with our own money since she doesn't have any other assets. The house was the only thing probated over three years ago at the end of 2014.

The probate was closed in 2014 and I believe we own the house now. We cant put it in own names unless we pay off the mortgage but we can not. I have several offers on the house but dont know how to pass the deed or what if anything needs to be done as far as probate. Probate number shows case is closed at end of 2104 and the probate office said they are not looking for anything from me.

There are no bills and we have been paying for the house out of our own pockets for three years now. She has no other assets or bills and the probate number was closed over two years ago. Do I need to do anything with probate or accounting to sell the home when we have been personally paying for the home for years now.

Dont want any surprise at the closing. I think we can all just sign the deed over at this point and the court doesn't need anything else from me. I have an unsupervised informal appointment as personal representative and the probate is closed. My brother and daughter signed to put me in-charge of the sale of the home for them. I think we own the house now and we can simple sign the deed at the closing.

I am hoping not to pay all sorts of extra fees to my lawyer for advice on the probate. Its closed so I do not believe there is any more to do.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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