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Unlawfully Obtaining Someone Else's Financial Information - Without Consent of the Other Person

My husband's ex-wife was somehow able to obtain informtation about a CD that was solely in his name (with their son listed as a sole beneficiary in the event of my husband's death) after they were legally divorced. She tried to hold him in contempt of their divorce agreement and claim that he owed her half of the value of the CD that matured and was deposited into his checking account before their divorce was even finalized. AFTER the divorce was finalized she managed to convince someone at the bank to give her the information about the CD in an attempt to hold him in contempt, but she was never listed on the CD (as beneficiary or anything), the CD had matured and been deposited into my husband's account prior to the divorce (in which case the monetary amount would have been disclosed in financial statements as part of his checking account anyways), and did so without the knowledge or consent of my husband. Could she have legally had the right to obtain that kind of financial information without consent, without having been listed as a beneficiary of the CD, and after their divorce was legally executed? The bank wrote my husband a letter stating that the information should not have been disclosed to her, so he is wondering if there is any legal recourse to discourage her from doing something like this again.

I realize this seems petty, but it has been many years of this kind of stuff going on and we want to make sure she gets the message that his financial information is no longer any of her business unless ordered by the court to be disclosed to her. In this case, she had no legal right or privelage to the information and probably persuaded a bank employee to give her the information under the guise of still be married. The paperwork that my husband's ex-wife gave to him as "evidence of the violation" was dated well after the divorce was finalized so she would have had no spousal privelages and was no longer listed on any of his accounts.

Appreciate any feedback! Thanks in advance.

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