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Uninvited stranger causes damages, stay motion

what do I expect when I go to court and what to expect afterwards? I've been looking for an apartment and it's very difficult but I'm trying my hardest. How can I prolong the process? Also what if I have no place to go and will become homeless and I have a child who isn't even 2 years old yet?
I know I have to file my Answer. Buy after the court date, should I appeal ? Under what circumstance can or should I? Also when and how do I try to recieve a motion to stay ?

Also, A woman who I don't know and did not invite into my home, came to my apartment and with some tool, she banged up the door knobs and she also broke a small side window of my 1st floor neighbor. Am I liable to pay for the damages? Again, I called the police and she was arrested. After this incident the landlord again threatens me with eviction and then decides that she is actually to evict me. I cause too many issues she says.
Also, my father replaced every screen when I moved in because they were torn and the landlord did nothing. Also, after I had been a victim of domestic violence, I asked for the locks to be replaced and I was told it would happen, two months later, with no action taken by the landlord, my father purchased and hired two guys to come out and put in deadbolts on two of the apt. doors, and sent keys to the landlord. Would that be any use to bring up?

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