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Unethical behavior by proposed Personal Representative/Executor

I'll be brief. My father died in May. I am one of four sons. The eldest and presumed brother to be named Executor/PR of the estate did not communicate with his 3 brothers for 5 months after the father's death. Then the three brothers got a letter from a lawyer asking for our assent for the eldest brother to be appointed sole PR and for Informal Probate. None of the three brothers have seen a copy of the will. Only the eldest has had a copy. I refused to sign the assent paperwork and asked for a copy of the will. When the lawyer sent me a copy of the will I saw that my Dad had named co-executors. The eldest brother and another brother. That other brother was never told he was a co-executor. The paperwork from the lawyer asking his assent also had a box checked off that he was renouncing his right to be PR (even though he didn't know he was named in the will as a co-executor.) I approached the eldest brother and asked him what he was doing. How could you not tell him that Dad's will named him as a co-executor? His excuse was that our Father wanted to remove the one brother from being named a co-executor and leaving the eldest as sole named executor in the will, but he never got around to actually making the changes. The eldest brother feels he has done nothing wrong. For the record, he is also a lawyer (corporate law.) The brother that was named co-executor is a complete pushover and has always bowed to everyone's wishes, so he said he's not upset by it after the eldest brother called him to make some promises about his living situation. I am extremely mad that my brother would do this 1. to his own brother. 2. and as a lawyer. Keep in mind, that our father was sharp as a tack and fully mobile when he died in May at the age of 79.
I don't know what to do. I am now worried that if he would do this he'll do other unethical things if he's named sole executor. The estate is split equally between the 4 sons and is a little less than $2M, all cash. Should I petition the court to try and have him not appointed. Should I petition the court to force a supervised probate? I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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