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Unequal Treatment for Unit Owners - Window Replacement


I recently noticed that one unit in my complex has replaced a loft window with a different design. This happened a year ago. I inquired that I would like the same window - I would pay for the window and installation. I was told I could not. I inquired if this unit owner would be required to replace the window with the "standard" window on all other units. I was told she would not be required to do so, because it was the fault of the contractor she hired.

I believe this is unfair and unequal treatment. The unit owner with the different window is the daughter of a board member.

What can I do to force the board to allow me to install the same window. and be treated fairly?

Thank you for your help.

Also, whenever anyone in this complex has consulted a lawyer, the association calls on their lawyer and then passes their lawyer fees to the unit owner questioning them. So in essence unit owners pay double lawyer fees if they question the Board or Property Management Company. Is this according to Massachusetts Condominium Law. I feel hostage and unable to question them.

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