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Unemployment benefits laid off after one week

I switched jobs, but the employer laid me off after the first week before I received a pay check because the project was cancelled. Prior to that I was employed with another company for a year. Am I eligible for Massachusetts UI benefits even though I never received a pay check with the most recent employer?

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If I understand the question correctly, you worked for a week with the new employer and then were let go.  I don't understand why you did not get a check.  Even if you were only with the employer for training, employers must pay non-exempt employees for mandatory training.  It does not matter if the employer lost the contract.   I would certainly go ahead and try to apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits.  It seems you had a job and you lost it through no fault of your own.  Before you start, you can contact the Massachusetts Office of Labor and Workforce Development with general questions about eligibility at 617-626-6800.  Good luck.

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