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Unemployment Benefits if resign from job

I've been employed with the same Co. for 13 yrs. w/the benefit of working from home 3-4 days per week. Most recently I was told that I need to be in the office 5 days per week (or I would be asked to leave the Co.) Commuting 3hrs per day/5 days per week would not allow me to make ends meet. I truly cannot afford to incur the expenses from commuting 3 hours per day. I also have physical limitations due to an injury (surgical)driving in a car 3 hours per day/5 days per week would be detremental to my health. If I resign, would I be entitled to unemployment benefits should I not find a new job?

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Two things to look into for the answer to your question: first, has the employer caused a substantial change to the terms and conditions of your employment by deciding you can no longer work from home? Second, have you requested being permitted to continue to work from home as a reasonable accommodation for the physical problems you mention? The answers to those questions will effect your eligibility for unemployment benefits if you resign. I urge you to contact an employment advocate to explore those issues.
Law Office of Nan Evans

Dear Law Offices of Nan Evans, thank you for your feedback. If I understand your first question correctly,yes my employer has caused a substantial change to the terms and conditions to my employment. Not only am I being forced to commute 5 days/per week (or I will be asked to leave) I was also told that I need to take on the responsibility of Office manager with no increase in pay. (currently I am a Sr. Admin. Assist. to my manager and a team of 20, none of who work out of the same office I work from) My mangaer is fully aware of my medical condition, working from home is not an option, to the point where when I was out sick 1 day last week, it wasn't acceptable to my manager because "it didn't look good" if I wasn't in the office the 5 days. "look good" to others that work from same location. When you speak of "employment advocate" are you referring to my HR department or an external advocate? Sincerely, CM

Dear Chris - I cannot give information specific to your case but am suggesting you contact an advocate from the MA Forum list for more detailed advice about your situation. I will say that unemployment benefits are generally available to employees who have to leave a job for reasons beyond their control.

Nan Evans

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