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Under MA law when should employer give me my last paycheck if I quit?

I had to quit and I'm leaving my job next week after giving them two weeks notice. I don't think there'll be any problems, but how long does my soon to be former employer have to give me my last paycheck? Thanks.

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With a voluntary termination (when you quit), Massachusetts law requires your former employer to deliver your last paycheck no later than the day you would have received that check if you continued your employment with the employer. Those who are fired should get their last check on the day of the termination.   For more information, see Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 149, Section 148.   Under MA law, employers can get it into serious trouble if they decide to play games or withhold your final pay check.  Good luck at the new job.

What if I give 3 weeks notice on a Friday and when I come in on Monday I'm told to go home. Am I still paid on the next pay day or is that now "fired" and due on that day? Thanks!

For the limited purpose of deciding when you should be paid, I would argue that you were fired.  So, I would argue you should get your last paycheck on the day you are terminated.

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