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Uncontested divorce hearing in Massachusetts

My husband and I have no kids and should have a pretty simple divorce. We already have our uncontested divorce hearing date coming up in less than a month. My question is whether we have to do anything else besides that hearing? It seems a little too easy if that makes any sense? My girlfriend who was divorced last year says that not much happens at the hearing and that it was over before she knew it. I just want to be prepared. Thanks.

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Yes is does make sense.  It is common for people involved in an uncontested divorce to feel a bit "cheated" or perhaps surprised by the simplicity and brevity of the uncontested divorce hearing.  You can follow that link for more information about the hearing itself, but essentially, the judge asks a few questions and, surprise, you're out the door.  However, it goes without saying that you must complete the preliminary matters before you get to the hearing.  For example, you want to make sure that you and your husband have completed the financial statements accurately and completely.  Good luck at your hearing.

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