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Trusts beneficiary not informed

My mother died this April. She had a trust set up. My sister is Trustee/executor and 1/2 beneficiary I am the other 1/2. beneficiary
Neither my sister nor the atty will appraise me of the original provisions of the will or what the status is 6 months later.
I know the MA. Atty who drew up the trust is there only to serve the interests of my sister.

My Sister bcame so vitriolic when I asked earlier what the next steps were after my mother died, that I have had no contact since.
She will not return phone calls or keep me informed by letter. My mother died in Ma., my sister is in Vt I am in NY.

When I said I would have to consult a lawyer she offered me a some of money she received after taxes had been file for my mother's estate.
When must I hire an atty to protect myself? It would seem that between my sister and the estate atty, I understand that I have almost no recourse, and that my sister may do anything she wants, includig keeping the money now liquidated from investments unless I hire an atty. My husband Died this last December and I have been over whelmed with paying off medical expenses and trying to get ready to sell our house. I realize this has no bearing on the trust but they are my circumstances.

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