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Trustees of Condo Assoc living together - Conflict of Interest?


The Board of Trustees of my condo association consists of 5 members, two of whom are twin bothers who live together in a single unit. They have both been Trustees for a long time. Even though there have been numerous grumblings about them not being good trustees, they both keep getting reelected every year due to inertia.

It seems to me (and other residents) that a single unit having two votes on the Board is unfair and probably a conflict of interest. Is this the case? Can I force one of them to resign or declared ineligible to be a Trustee or anything like that?

Thanks for the help.

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Submitted Thu, 04/10/2014 - 15:19

The answer to this question can likely be found in the condominium documents (likely the Declaration of Trust and/or the By-laws). There should be a very specific section on who can be Trustee, who gets a vote, how the votes are calculated, etc. There is no over-arching law about who can and can not be a Trustee or vote in a condo association with respect to two people living in the same unit. If one of them isn't actually a record owner, there may be an issue. But, again, without seeing the condo documents, it would be difficult to say what should be happening.

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