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Trust administration fee?

Hi....looking for advice on approx Mass trust administration fee. Here are some of the high-level particulars. Dad passed in Feb, wife(mom) passed in 2008. Dad had both an irrevocable trust (house/$500k) and living trust (investments/$350k). There are 6 children, I am the trustee. Dad lived a simple paid for, standard money marketing/checking bank accounts/investments, life insurance policy, US savings bonds, 2-credit cards, debt, car already sold, no rental properties, no businesses, no ex-wife, no $50k boat.....etc, etc. The 6 children will disperse/liquidate house contents, sell house. Again....simple, uncomplicated lifestyle/financials. Is there an expected flat fee % I can expect....for trust attorney to administer/close out said trusts/estate? Any advice, % figures estimates, comments.....would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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