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Trouble bringing medical malpractice suit

Like one of the other people who posted a question, I thought I should sue my doctor but could not find an attorney to take it, even after I talked to several who do medical malpractice cases. The only one who said anything to me that made sense claimed that medical malpractice cases are very expensive to bring and so they're more risky. Do you know what he was talking about?

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I can guess.  Typically, medical malpractice cases are very technical and require more time, money, and energy than a simple personal injury case, like a slip and fall case. 
For example, under MA law, it is not enough to show that you were injured as a result of a surgery performed by a hypothetical doctor.  Rather, the plaintiff must prove that, in performing the surgery, the doctor failed to exercise that degree of skill, care, and learning expected of a typical doctor under a the unique circumstances.  About the only way the plaintiff can satisfy that burden is to hire one or more experts, usually other doctors, to testify.  Those experts are very expensive, usually charging hundreds of dollars per hour.  For this and other reasons, lawyers will look long and hard at a medical malpractice case before taking it on.  Sorry.

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