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Transferring title of deceased parent for out of state siblings


I am having some difficulty getting straight answers and the people at the DMV are not particularly helpful. My father passed away without a will and leaving a car that is currently registered in Massachusetts. I have become a voluntary administrator and live in NJ. I want to have the car transferred to my brother who lives in NV. What steps do I need to take to achieve this? I assume I will need a new title, but can that be a MA title even though I am not a resident? Also, anything I can do to avoid a trip to the MA DMV? The plan is to ship the car to NV where it will be put into storage.

Many thanks

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My brother lives in NH. He is the Administrator of my brother’s estate who died intestate in Mass. How can my brother in NH legally transfer title to me in NV of my deceased brother’s car in Mass? I’d like to ship it here to NV

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