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traffic ticket for impeded operation (gps manipulation). contest or not? Are there pointswill points carry over to out of state?

Hi, I received a traffic ticket for driving impedence (gps manipulation) on feb 25th sunday. I was driving on a surface street (35mph limit) and a cop was right behind me. It was dark at 6pm so I assume the cop can see the lights from GPS very well. He saw my fingers touching the GPS and pulled me over telling I operated gps while in motion and I should be doing it after pulling over the vechicle. first he asked for drives license and registration came back after 15 minutes and gave a $35 ticket. I have 20 days to pay or contest. I hold a connecticut (CT) drivres license and the ticket is issued in MA (just 3 miles from CT-MA state border).

I am wondering whether I should contest the ticket and what reason I should tell the hearing clerk/ judge. I am not worried about the $35 ticket price but the record and points it may leave in my drivers record. I hold an out of state (CT) license and I would like to know whether this ticket/ points would show up in my CT drives record? Do we know how many points they put for these kinds of violation?
I am going to be out of town of a month. So if I am contesting can I request for a hearing date later than my expected return date?
Charge is 90/13 Impeded Operation (GPS Manipulation)

If there are no points for this violation I am thinking of not contesting as I have to take off from work.

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