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Time for divorce court judge to make decision

I filed to remove visitation from my childs father in Feb. 2011. My pre-trial date was October 2011. In June I was assaulted by the father and got a protective order for me and the Child. It was removed from the child and his visits resumed. I got a temporary order written to give supervised visits using a written statement from someone in his home stating that he does abuse the child. In October our pre-trial turned in a Trial because DCF got involved. the Trail was set for Nov. 22, 2011. On THAT day the judge did not give us a ruling. He said he would think it over and we would be mailed one. It's almost Christmas, how long am I supposed to wait? Is there some sort of limitation on how long he can sit on this answer? This has taken me almost a year and it might not even be over yet.

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