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termination of rights to expedite second parent adoption?

My partner and I where extremely fortunate that an old friend vollunteered to carry and birth a baby for us after years of trying to adopt and attempting assisted reproduction many times.
She delivered in April '14, she is married (tho her husband and I both signed papers at the hospital acknowledging that she is married, he is her husband but I am the father... The baby has my last name, not hers, on my insurance, etc...
She is ready to give us a sibling, but wants to square away the termination of her rights / and second parent adoption completed before she gets pregnant again (we are both men, she has agreed to birth a child via each dad ;)
At what point can we petition for her to terminate her rights/ and do a second parent adoption? I know this CAN take six months, but that is in the case of a full adoption, this is voluntary, can we move this along?

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