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Termination of parental rights

Hello. My boyfriend and I live in CT and he pays child support to a woman living in Massachusetts (that we last knew). This is a bit of an interesting situation. He never knew he had a child with this woman until one day someone was knocking on his door trying to establish paternity. He finds out there is a child and he starts paying child support. But here is where things get hairy. The mother of said child and her new boyfriend tried to frame my boyfriend and had him arrested for threatening to harm her and her family. This woman is crazy and had a restraining order against my boyfriend. She went to prison when her boyfriend broke down and confessed to making everything up. My boyfriend was cleared of any crime since he was completely innocent. Anyway, many years later, he is still paying child support to a child he had never met and is never allowed to meet. He wants nothing to do with the child or mother and he would like to stop paying child support and terminate all of his parental rights. Is this possible to do? We don't even know where they currently live.

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Submitted Mon, 08/14/2017 - 10:02

It doesn't matter how crazy the mother is. As long as a court has adjudicated that he is the father (which I'm assuming was confirmed by DNA testing) he is responsible for paying for child support. It doesn't matter that he has never met or doesn't want to meet the child. Custody and visitation are not related to child support. The obligation exists regardless of whether he has ever met the child or not, simply because he is her father. If he wants to have a relationship, he can petition the court to allow for visitation. A court cannot entertain a motion to "terminate" his parental rights simply because he doesn't want to pay child support. The only way those rights can be terminated is if someone else take his place, such as a stepparent, or other new adoptive parents.

Atty. David Owens
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