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Terminating parental rights and child support

My ex is the definition of a deadbeat. 4 kids (2 are mine) he abandoned haven’t seen him or a dime in over 4 years. He works under the table and lives in motels so that he cannot be found. DOR keeps contacting me asking me to find him. He owes my girls over $71,000 in back support and a total of just over $174,000 for all 4 kids. I’ve had a capias on him since April of 2014, he was supposed to appear in court and pay me $3,000 of back support.needless to say he did not show and the judge ordered the capias. It’s also important to know he has never made a child support payment on his own it has always been taken from him either paycheck, unemployment, taxes etc. All the times he’s been out of work or on vacation etc he never made a payment on his own, always only when taken from him OR his been faced with jail or in jail for non payment. He also , when he was around or when we were still married, never spent time with kids on his own. I always made him, I always called him to set times up n drove to him etc. times when he was supposed to come to us he wouldn’t show n just call on Monday with some lame excuse. When we were married I set up visitation with other moms to see kids, I even went to court n filed for him. Once I had my own children n could no longer put my full time in making him be a father he stopped seeing his other kids, sad. boyfriend has been the only father figure in my kids life n he’s the only father my younger daughter knows. She was 18 months when he came into our lives and he IS their FATHER. my question is I want to have the deadbeat relinquish his rights would he still have to pay child support ? Does his past due support of $71,000 get erased n I am no longer owed it? Does my BF have to adopt? We have no plans on getting married, doesn’t mean we don’t plan on being together forever I just no longer wish to be married to anyone ever again, deadbeat was also a POS “husband”. I will add in that I may have found his current address. A motel in Nashua NH. He was arrested twice last year and it showed up online. That was may of 2017 n he’s probably moved on. Thank you.

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