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Tenant at will and Notice to Quit & Notice to raise rent

Can you please tell me in layman's terms how it works to be given 30 days notice to vacate when I am the tenant at will? My rent is due on the first of the month which I paid in full on May 1st. He has now given me notice on the 29th of May to vacate the premises on the 30th of June. Also, on May 13th he said he was increasing the rent $800 to begin on the first of the next rental period (June 1st). I do not understand the provisions of Chapter 186, section 12 and was hoping you could explain it to me. For the notice to vacate I read it as 30 days or one full rental period, whichever is longer, which in this case would be May 31st (correct?) and the same with the raising of the rent? So would my landlord have to service me notice to vacate on June 1st or May 31st? It's all very confusing. Thank you very much for any help you can provide!

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Hello Mr. Darcy.  When your landlord gives you the notice to quit, he must do it at least thirty days prior to the beginning of the next rental period.  So if, as in this case, he wanted you out of the unit by July 1, he would have had to serve the notice (you must actually receive it) by May 30.   So, it sounds like he gave you proper notice.  However, in this case, it sounds like he may be trying to raise your rent.  With a tenancy at will, the landlord must end the current tenancy (as he is doing with the notice to quit) and then have you sign a new agreement with the higher rent.  Why don't you ask him what he is trying to do?  In other words, does he want you to move out , or would he like you sign a new Tenancy at will agreement with a higher rent.  Then you can decide if you want to stay at the higher rent or move out.  If he wants you to stay, he should have a new agreement for you to look at.   Good luck, and please tell your friends about The Forum.

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