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Tenant moving out, new roommate (who wasn't given permission to move in) wants to stay.

My tenant ("Joe") just gave me notice he wishes to move out. His new roommate ("Bob"), that moved in a couple months ago, wants to stay. I don't want him to stay. My lease with Joe doesn't include Bob. Joe broke an agreement in the lease by having Bob move in without my permission, and renting a room (which I also see as a violation of the 'no subletting' rule in the lease agreement). In addition, letting Bob bring in a dog (also without permission).

Now that Joe is having problems with Bob, he's moving out and leaving me to deal with it. I explained to Bob that he cannot stay, we had no agreement, and I never gave him permission to live there in the first place. But he's crying foul and asking me "where am I supposed to go with my kid within a month?" A kid? I never knew of or saw any kid! I doubt he has full custody. He's mentioned that he'll call lawyers to determine his rights, but as far as I see it, he has none. Joe violated the lease by moving Bob in without permission, and no agreement.

What rights does he have? What am I allowed to do? When Joe moves out and if it looks like Bob doesn't, I want to assume that everything in there belonged to Joe and I will put them in storage and change the locks. Is that legal? If I have problems with Bob, can I charge Joe from his security deposit?

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