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Tenant Evicted, but Cars are still parked across the street

So I have successfully evicted the tenant in one of my units. I had given the 48 Hour Notice that the physical move-out was going to happen and the tenant moved out on his own. Everything was out of the unit so all is well. The only thing is that his vehicles, which are 1 minivan and 1 SUV with Car Trailer are parked across the street. He moved out last week so I don't understand why he left his vehicles parked on this street. Is there anything I can do to have his vehicles moved? My first thoughts would be no since it is a public street. Can I file a police report for something in particular in case something was to happen to the property. The tenant and I do not have a good relationship so I want to make sure there is no funny business going on now that he is out.


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If the cars are registered and parked legally, I don't thnk there is much you can do.  Given that the tenant is out and did no damage to the unit, I think I would just give the guy some time to collect his vehicles and go.  Is it possible he move in with a friend on the same street? 

You can call the local police or parking department. The city or town may tow it as an abandoned car if the car has not moved for a certain amount of time or any other issue that makes it illegal to park on a public way.

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